“La prima Rivista Internazionale edita in Italia dedicata alle attività di centri termali, industrie di imbottigliamento di acque minerali e bibite, centri benessere, laboratori di riabilitazione e di medicina dello sport, del settore cosmetico termale e dei laboratori di controllo e gestione delle acque.”
Please read carefully before preparing manuscript and recheck all points after it has been prepared.
Each manuscript must be accompanied by a completely filled-out checklist.
A photocopy of this may be used (Fax: +39-089-301699).

____ References identified in the text by the author’s names followed by the respective number in the reference list in square brackets (e.g., Smith [1]) or by the number alone (e.g., “as several authors [1, 4, 7] have reported”)
____ Reference is made in the text to all figures and tables
____ Abstract language polished by a native English speaker
____ Short title for the running head
____ Cover letter containing the author’s concern and recommendation of competent experts for reviewing. Revised manuscripts should be submitted with detailed remarks to the reviewers’ comments.

____ According to Index Medicus, Medical Subject Headings, if possible
____ Maximum of 10

____ Includes aims, methods, results, and conclusions
____ Does not include footnotes or references
____ Maximum of 200 words in English

Reference list
____ Includes only references cited in the text
____ Includes all references cited in the text
____ Arranged alphabetically and numbered in this order
____ Style and punctuation according to the following examples:
1. Standard journal article
List the first six authors followed by et al.
Halpern SD., Ubel PA., Caplan AL., Solid-organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients.
N Engl J Med. 2002;347:284-7.

2. Organization as author
Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group. Hypertension, insulin, and proinsulin in participants
with impaired glucose tolerance.
Hypertension. 2002;40:679–86.

3. No author given
21st century heart solution may have a sting in the tail.
BMJ. 2002;325:184.

4. Book: Personal author:
Carlson BM., Human embryology and developmental biology.
3rd ed. St. Louis: Mosby; 2004.
Brown AM., Stubbs DW., editors. Medical physiology. New York: Wiley; 1983.

5. Chapter in a book:
Meltzer PS., Kallioniemi A., Trent JM., Chromosome alterations in human solid tumors. In: Vogelstein B., Kinzler KW., editors.
The genetic basis of human cancer. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2002. p. 93–113.
____ Abbrevations according to Index Medicus or CAS
____ Citations of journal articles in press include journal title,
volume, and year in which it is to appear; books in press
include publisher and year

List of captions
____ Include all legends and explanations

____ Numbered with Arabic numerals in the order of appearance in the text
____ Each contains all information needed to be understood independently (without the text)
____ Do not contain data which could be included easily in the text
____ Do not contain vertical lines

____ Please indicate whether figures should be printed in four colors
____ Numbered with Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear in the text
____ Contain only clear and sharp lettering or identifying marks; critical areas of X-rays and photomicrographs well-marked
____ No legends or explanations in the figures themselves

Date Name of corresponding author (in block letters)

Title of the submitted article (in block letters)

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